Petrone Consulting will bring their own methodologies and framework to identify problems to serve as the basis for recommendations for effective and efficient ways to execute and perform work tasks.
Interim Management As seasoned professionals with C-level experience we are prepared to fill the void when client companies face leadership, financial or operational challenges. In a moment’s notice, as experienced and credentialed senior executives we assume C-level roles, providing the leadership and strategic decision-making ability to maintain momentum, establish corporate priorities, build morale and provide critical continuity. We serve in the following roles: chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief restructuring officer, controller and treasurer. Petrone Consulting also has the capability to provide additional resources as needed.
Petrone Worldwide consulting members have experience at the highest levels of business, often having held senior positions for more than 25 years. We place a high priority on dedicating teams of executives who have served together on multiple engagements and have industry-specific experience


A Simple Framework • Long term goals. • Important projects. • Urgent tasks. • Maintenance tasks.

  • Internal consultants may be specifically suited to either:
    1. Lead external consulting project teams, or
    2. Act as organizational subject matter experts ‘embedded’ with external consulting teams under the direction of organizational management.
    A group of internal consultants can closely monitor and work with external consulting firms. This would ensure better delivery, quality, and overall operating relationships. External firms providing consulting services have a dichotomy in priority. The health of the external firm is in aggregate more important than that of their client (though of course the health of their client can have a direct impact on their own health).
  • Internal consulting positions can be used to recruit and develop potential senior managers of the organization. Note: Corporations need to be conscious of and consistent with how internal consultant costs are accounted for on both a project and organizational level to evaluate cost effectiveness.
  • It is likely that the time and materials cost of internal consultants is significantly less than external consultants operating in the same capacity.
  • Internal relationship provides opportunities to keep certain corporate information private.
  • Often, the internal consultant requires less ramp up time on a project due to familiarity with the corporation, and is able to guide a project through to implementation — a step that would often be too costly if an external consultant were used.
  • If properly managed and empowered, internal consulting groups evaluate engagement on projects in light of the corporation’s strategic and tactical objectives.
  • Advantages- There are several potential benefits to employing internal consultants:
  • Change Management Assistance- -Development of Coaching Skills -Implementation of Technology -Development of Strategy -Operational Improvement


Creating Your Mission Statement, Setting Goals and Developing Strategies

    • A mission statement is a guiding light for a business and the individuals who run the business. It is usually made up of three parts:
    • Vision – big picture idea of what you want to achieve.
    • Mission – general statement of how you will achieve your vision.
    • Core Values – how you will behave during the process. Each of these three elements is an important aspect of the businesses guiding light.
    • Once you have developed your mission statement, the next step is to create the following items:
    • Goals – general statements of mileposts you need to meet to achieve your vision.
    • Objectives – specific, time-sensitive statements for achieving your goals Strategies/Action Plans – specific implementation plans of how you will achieve your objectives and goals.
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